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The Mid-Morning Dump - 1/30/13

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SPACING 101. Fred Hoiberg and T.J. Otzelberger go over how the spacing in the Cyclones' scheme works.

FREDDY WONKA. Brent Blum pens a great article about Fred Hoiberg's team and their place on the NCAA bubble.

DR. PETE IS IN THE HOUSE. Randy Peterson has some advice on how the Cyclones can end their sadness in Stillwater.

SLOWER SUCCESS. Iowa State has had to adjust for the Big 12 by slowing down their league-leading tempo, but have still found success.

BIG WEEK AHEAD. T.J. Otzelberger chats with CFTV about the huge week ahead for the team with OSU and Baylor coming up.

KLENAKIS! has an interview with new Iowa State OL coach Chris Klenakis.

GET PAID, YOUNG MAN. A judge ruled that college athletes should be able to pursue TV money made off of them.

FLORIDA BOWL? The Big 12 is considering adding a Florida bowl tie-in. Everyone in the conference is now collectively holding their breath that it replaces the Pinstripe Bowl.

NO EXPANSION? Bob Bowlsby may be forming an alliance with the ACC to stem the tides of conference realignment.

BUT DON'T RULE IT OUT. More notes from the Big 12 AD meeting include the caveat that expansion still may happen. Which basically means expansion is pretty much dependent upon how greedy Jim Delany wants to get in the future.

FOOD SWEET SIXTEEN. Big 12 submissions Whataburger and Sonic are still alive in the race for college football's best food chain.

ICING MARSHALL HENDERSON. The Ole Miss player with bravado to spare was hit with some ice, and threw it right back.

DEER ANTLER EXTRACT CONTROVERSY. Ray Lewis and a bunch of Alabama players may have used a banned substance made from deer antlers.

A HISTORY OF DEADSPIN. An interesting background on the site that broke the Favre-Sterger and Manti Te'o stories.