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The Mid-Morning Dump - 1/31/13

STILLY HEARTBREAK. The Cyclones led most of the way, but fell to Oklahoma State 78-76 on a Marcus Smart bank shot. The game ended on the most screwed up 3 seconds of basketball you'll ever see.

TWENTY FIVE YEARS. That's how long it's been since Iowa State last won at Gallagher-Iba.17 turnovers will never help your cause.

DEJA VU. The ladies also had a rough go of it, blowing a late lead in Lawrence and losing to KU in overtime.

KLOSTERMAN WITH ROYCE. Royce visits with Grantland in an in-depth interview about his mental illness. Definitely a must read.

CHAMPIONSHIP IS BACK? Bob Bowlsby said the Big 12 will seek a waiver to have a conference championship game with ten teams.

EVERYBODY LOVES BOB. Oklahoma AD Joe Castiglione says everyone is very pleased with the job Bob Bowlsby is doing.

MORE ALLIANCES? Is Bowlsby partnering the Big 12 up with the Big Ten as well?

WHATABURGER STILL ALIVE. We're in the Elite Eight of college football food voting, and Sonic is gone.

NO WAY. A bill filed by a Texas politician to mandate the Texas-Texas A&M rivalry has little chance to pass.

SEC BROS. Our closest SEC brethren in Vanderbilt has a pretty cool coach as well, and James Franklin is down with calling Bama's coach "Nicky Satan".

NO GAYS. In an otherwise quiet media week, San Francisco's Chris Culliver has apologized for his anti-gay comments, with his PR rep saying that Culliver doesn't actually feel that way.