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The Mid-Morning Dump - 1/4/13

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MEMPHIS SIGHTS. Steve Malchow shares his Memphis experience, with the revelation that we brought the most business to Beale Street since the 25th anniversary of Elvis' death in 2002.

PURPLE PAIN. De'Anthony Thomas took the opening kickoff back for a TD, and despite fighting back in the 2nd quarter, Kansas State was manhandled by Oregon's defensive pressure and quick strike offense.

ONE POINT SAFETY! Yes, there was one last night (fourth time in NCAA history), and here's Ron Cherry trying to explain it.

THE FIESTA BOWL KNOWS HOW TO PARTY. I think the overall lesson of the night was to stay away from the bathrooms.

CHIP LEAVING? Players and coaches alike seem resigned to Chip Kelly taking off for the NFL, so Oregon already has a plan for his replacement.

COTTON BOWL PREVIEW. Good Bull Hunting with another excellent preview, this time for the Oklahoma-Texas A&M showdown we've all been waiting for.

CARRYING THE BIG 12 FLAG. Oklahoma players want to represent the Big 12 well against the SEC.

BOB STOOPS OR NOT BOB STOOPS? That "Hello" in the AT&T commercial was either one of Bob Stoops' 50 hello trys, or an imposter.

HEY, THIS COULD BE US SOMEDAY. A look back at KSU's sordid past makes you appreciate the great thing they have going right now.

BILL O'BRIEN STAYING PUT. After flirting with the NFL, Bill O'Brien is staying put at Penn State. Given his primary suitor was Cleveland, this is only a mild surprise.

MEANWHILE, IN LAWSUIT LAND... Tom Corbett is suing the NCAA over the Sandusky/PSU mess, and it's stupid.

J.R. SMITH MAKES IT LOOK EASY. One handed reverse alley-oops are no big deal for J.R. Smith.

WTF REX RYAN. Apparently he has a tattoo of his wife in a Mark Sanchez jersey, possibly Tebowing.