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The Mid-Morning Dump - 1/8/13

Roll Tide.

KU PREVIEW. previews the season opener for the men against #6 Kansas.

STARRING DOWN #1. At the same time the men are taking on KU, the women will be in Waco facing off against #1 Baylor.

HOW SUCCESSFUL WAS THE SEASON? Bobby La Gesse tries to answer the all important question.

RETURNING TO MILWAUKEE. Diante Garrett returns to his hometown of Milwaukee on an NBA roster.

BCS BLOWOUT. Notre Dame was never in the game as Alabama racked up 592 yards of offense in destroying the Irish 42-14, which really could have been 100-0. Bill Connelly recaps all the numbers for you.

CRY RUDY CRY. Eddie Lacy made Rudy cry.

MCCARRON'S BOUNTY. It pays to be the Bama quarterback, as his girlfriend was fawned over by everyone, including rival QB Aaron Murray. Here's the video of Musberger jizzing his pants on live TV, and here's Arizona Cardinal DT Darnell Dockett asking her out to Wingstop.


BOBBY ELLIOT'S JOURNEY. It's been a long and arduous road for former Iowa State coach Bobby Elliot in getting to South Beach.

BIG 12 TOURNEY. Our Daily Bears is doing a poll to see which football program you think would win the Big 12 right now.

PUT THAT BANNER ON JACK TRICE! Iowa State > Baylor > UCLA > USC > Syracuse > Louisville > Florida > Texas A&M > Alabama. Because Transitive National Champion is the best kind of national champion.