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The Mid-Morning Dump - 1/9/13

BETTER STARTS. After two poor starts, Fred Hoiberg wants a better start against Kansas at Allen Fieldhouse.

KU PREVIEW. Kirk Haaland has a preview of tonight's game.

SOLVING BAYLOR. The Iowa State women are looking for "something weird" to happen for a chance to beat the Lady Bears at home.

SEASON RECAP FOR EVERYONE! Every FBS team gets a recap, and while ours is simply TCU with a checkmark, Iowa's is one of Cyentist's Greg Davis diagrams.

THE WHAT IF GAME. Berry Tramel looks at what would have happened if Oklahoma would have received the BCS bowl bid over Northern Illinois.

THE MONEY OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL. Wall Street Journal figured out how much teams were worth. Texas finishes #1, of course, but the state of Iowa checks in with two decently ranked schools.

SABAN IS HAVING FUN? The devil himself says he's happy at Alabama and when asked what he does with his championship rings, he replied that he "kept them on the coffee table for recruits to look at". Not so humble brag.

TITLE GAME IN DALLAS? The prohibitive favorite to land the first post-BCS title game is Cowboys Stadium.

MACK BROWN WINS! Two item winning streak for Mack as he was voted the 2013 President of the American Football Coaches Association.

NEW RECRUITING RULES. Rules changes means more early contact with recruits. Well, more early contact that's sanctioned by the NCAA, anyway.

MUSBERGER APOLOGY. ESPN apologized for Brent's comments on AJ McCarron's girlfriend, Katherine Webb. Bill Hanstock writes about why that's important.

OFFSEASON BLUES. Spencer Hall gives you the 25 things to do now that college football is over until next fall.

2013 WEEK ONE. Meanwhile, Steven Godfrey can't wait, so he's previewing the best matchups of week one in 2013.

CNNBR. CNN is sort of closing its partnership with Sports Illustrated, instead relying on Bleacher Report for coverage. Yeah, I couldn't believe it either.

NHL TROLLING. With no season so far, the Dallas Stars tweeters have been working on their Tony Romo troll game.