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The Mid-Morning Dump - 10/1/13

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PARKING REMINDER. All lots open at 12:30 on Thursday, y'all.

WIMBERLY DIDN'T GET THE BALL MUCH AT IWCC EITHER. Steve Malchow reminds us that Aaron Wimberly is used to sharing carries, even last year in JuCo.

DIFFERENCES UNDER ROBINSON. Jeff Woody and Paul Rhoads talk about how the Longhorn D has changed under Greg Robinson.

BURNT ORANGE PREVIEW. Peter Bean previews Texas-Iowa State. I don't think he'll ever get over Steele Jantz's name.

SAM FEELS GOOD. Sunshine Richardson describes his ailing ankle as much improved, making the zone read an option again.

BE NICE TO THE KICKERS. We should cut the kickers a break, because they play for the most long range FG greedy coach in the conference.

OFFENSE IS GETTING THERE. Paul Rhoads says that the offense is almost getting to the point where it's difficult for opposing DCs to plan against.

RAIN GAME! Strong chance of rain on Thursday, which probably means Mess will dial up a bunch of deep bombs.

UNSUNG HERO. Nick Kron gets a nod as a Big 12 Week 5 unsung hero.

HOLY DRUNK WRITER. Iowa State at 10 is one thing, but Texas at 4 in USA Today's Big 12 basketball preview is pure insanity.

BEEBE WEIGHS IN. I think this means that the game is being played at the Field of Dreams, yes?

WHY IS IT HARD TO WIN AT USC? It's usually regarded as a destination job, but why have many coaches struggled to win with the Trojans?

TENNESSEE TROLLING. Let's just say Volunteer fans haven't quite forgotten that Lane Kiffin left them high and dry.

EVERYBODY HATES GREG. Greg Schiano is under fire in Tampa for not only fielding a terrible team, but now he's possibly leaking confidential info to smear Josh Freeman.

WHY DO WE HATE ROVELL? Buzzfeed has an interesting profile on the sports personality so many hate.

DELOSS OUT. The Texas AD will step down from his post by August 2014.

REALLY NICE GESTURE HERE. The entire Ohio State football team welcomed Don Tiberi back to his job as CBS Columbus Sports director after the death of his daughter in a car crash.

PAPA JOHN'S! The Eagles (unsuccessfully) tried to yell Papa John's to disrupt Peyton Manning's audibles. I have to imagine a Papa John's play would be to take a timeout and immediately down 5 shots.