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The Mid-Morning Dump - 10/11/13

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MEDIA DAY WITH DREAMY. Fred Hoiberg talks about the upcoming season in his media day press conference.

NOT SLEEPING ON IOWA STATE THIS YEAR. The Big 12 preseason poll has Iowa State at fourth, the highest since 2000-01, when the Cyclones won the league. Fred Hoiberg is doing his best to temper expectations, though.

A DEEP TEAM. Hoiberg says that he lost a lot after last year, but he's liking all the unique fits the 2013-14 team possesses.

BIG DADDY KANE. The Cyclones are expecting major contributions from Marshall transfer DeAndre Kane.

SOME KIRK STATS FOR YOU. Kirk Haaland checks out some of the more interesting quirks about ISU's offensive numbers.

MORE FROM OFFENSE. The Cyclones may be improving on offense, but for many players, it's not enough.

MESS AND BURNHAM TALK TECH. The two Iowa State coordinators do their weekly praising of the other team.

A TEAM WITH A SIMILAR TRAJECTORY. WVU fans may have been the only ones that hated their offense as much as ISU fans hated their offense a couple of weeks ago, but things have changed.

TEXAS PREGAMER. A hilariously depressing preview of the Red River Shootout.

BEST PRANKSTER EVER. Meet the guy that keeps offering coaches new jobs.

JOE THORNTON HAS NO FILTER. After an opposing coach hated on teammate Tomas Hertl's cheeky way of scoring a goal, Thornton took to Hertl's defense.

DID YOU KNOW NASCAR TRACKS ARE BIG? Apparently, many did not realize Bristol Speedway is bigger than a football stadium.

AWKWARD TIMES IN THE REILLY HOUSEHOLD. Rick Reilly used his Native American father in law's misquoted argument to support his defense of the Redskins name, which isn't going to turn out well for him.