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The Mid-Morning Dump - 10/14/13

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CONTINUING TO PLAY. Oh, so it's come to this for the Cyclones.

JUST THE WAY THE SEASON'S GONE. Iowa State's perfectly executed (minus the securing of the ball) onside kick was a microcosm of the season.

WIMBERLY GOOD TO GO. Despite being injured for most of the second half on Saturday, Aaron Wimberly expects to be ready for Baylor.

TEXAS TECH THOUGHTS. Seth over at Viva The Matadors has some thoughts about his team's performance against Iowa State.

JEREMIAH MAKING PROMISES. Jeremiah George says Baylor isn't going to score 70 points on the Cyclones, which is a pretty high bar to set.

AIN'T NO SUNSHINE. Sam Richardson was under pressure from the Texas Tech line all day, and had a pretty sub-par performance.

MY GOD, THAT LINE. Iowa State is a 32.5 point underdog to Baylor this week. I guess we might as well just fold up shop on the season.

LET'S HOPE SO. Randy Peterson writes about how there may be a perfect storm brewing for the Baylor game.

NEW COMMIT. Cole Anderson of League City, Texas is the newest Iowa State commitment.

AT LEAST VOLLEYBALL'S STILL GOOD. Iowa State swept West Virginia 3-0 this weekend at Hilton.

NIANG CAT. Chris Williams sat down for a one on one with standout sophomore Georges Niang.

WHAT THE HELL OKLAHOMA. Texas is legitimately in the hunt for a Big 12 title after upsetting the heavily favored Sooners.

TOP 25 REVIEW. Spencer Hall writes about the weekend that was, and Utah's titanic upset was the highlight of college football.

TEXANS FANS ARE THE WORST. Houston fans cheered Matt Schaub's injury, and karma bit when backup T.J. Yates immediately threw a pick-six.

WORST OWN GOAL EVER? I didn't think giving up a shorthanded own goal was possible at the NHL level, but the Canucks proved that wrong.