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The Mid-Morning Dump - 10/15/13

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RHOADS PRESS CONFERENCE. Paul Rhoads' weekly press conference is up on Cyclones.TV.

BAYLOR DEPTH CHART. The big change is that Jacob Gannon is now out, but Jansen Watson and Aaron Wimberly will be able to go.

BOO GUNDY. Iowa State is set to host Oklahoma State at 11 AM on October 26th, and Mike Gundy says he likes early kickoffs.

WALLY TALKS BAYLOR OFFENSE. Wally Burnham is in awe of Baylor's record setting offense.

POINTS ARE HERE TO STAY. Is Baylor's high scoring offensive style one that is here to stay?

BAYLOR SUSPENSION. Corey Coleman will be suspended for the first half of this week's game for a targeting infraction that wasn't called during the game.

BREAKING THE TREND. The 12 schools ahead of the Cyclones in turnover margin have a combined 60-11 record.

MATT THOMAS WORKING ON D. Everyone knows Matt Thomas can shoot, so he's been using camp time to work on his defense.

RECORD SETTING HAHN. For the 15th time in her illustrious career, Kristen Hahn won a Big 12 weekly award, tying an ISU record.

PLAYOFF COMMITTEE 1998-2012. What if we'd had a college football playoff selection committee the last 14 years?

GREG HARDY IS DRUNK. Carolina defensive end Greg Hardy says he could beat LeBron James... in basketball.

FUMBLR. NFL memes for week six.

PROFESSIONAL TROLL IS GOOD AT TROLLING. Phil Mushnick thinks Adrian Peterson is to blame for his son's tragic beating and death.

BASEBALL HAS WEIRD UNWRITTEN RULES. The Dodgers apparently celebrated "Mickey Mouse" style last night, and now the Cards are bitching about it.