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The Mid-Morning Dump - 10/16/13

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PLAYERS TALK BAYLOR. Players get interviewed by Cyclones.TV about the high flying Baylor Bears. Jacques Washington is the headliner, so you should definitely watch it.

WIMBERLY THE NEXT JUCO SENSATION. looks at the JUCO running backs who had success in the past at ISU.

ALL BIG 12 MIDSEASON TEAM. Fox Sports named Jeremiah George and Kirby Van Der Kamp to its All Big 12 midseason team.

NOT OVERUSING WIMBERLY. Coaches are figuring out a way to get Aaron his touches while keeping him healthy.

GETTING CREATIVE. Wally Burnham is instituting some interesting drills in practice this week to get the Cyclones acclimated to Baylor's offense.

ROHACH READY TO GO. The plan is for Sam Richardson to start, but Grant Rohach knows he may get the call.

EJIM FACILITATING? Melvin Ejim has worked to broaden his game, and it turns out he's been working on his handle.

HOIBALL RUNDOWN. CW goes through what we know about the 2013-14 Cyclone basketball squad.

WAY TO GO, TREY. OU receiver Trey Metoyer has been charged with indecent exposure after getting caught fapping in a parking lot.

THIS WEEK IN SCHADENFREUDE. Multiple Top 25 upsets means plenty of fodder this week.

THE NUMERICAL. Bill Connelly's weekly look at college football features the surprises of the first half of the season, including Oregon State's Sean Mannion, who's actually good?

THESE GUYS WERE PROBABLY ALL FRAT BROS. WKU coaches like to celebrate by smashing paddles on each other.

THE BRISTOL EXPERIENCE. Will Virginia Tech and Tennessee's giant game at Bristol be good for college football?

OLE MISS LOVES TO PARTY. An interview with an Ole Miss coed who loves alcohol above all.

ALFRED MORRIS IS AWESOME. The Redskins running back was too attached to his 1991 Mazda 626 to let it go, so he got it refurbished.

MEXICO LOVES AMERICA. After Panama blew their World Cup hopes in the most Iowa State way ever, the benefactors in Mexico sent some love our way.