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The Mid-Morning Dump - 10/17/13

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KIRBY NUMBER ONE! ISU's KVDK is the top ranked punter in Mel Kiper Jr's 2014 draft class.

WALTERS PREVIEW. John Walters previews the matchup against the Baylor Bears.

NO UPSET SPECIAL HERE. Jake Trotter is going with a very comfortable Baylor win.

JARVIS DAY. Chris Williams thinks Jarvis West is due for a big day against Baylor (because he did last year?) while the Register looks at the secret to his kick returns.

HEY GUYS, A BIBLICAL REFERENCE. Fred Hoiberg has high hopes for Marshall transfer DeAndre Kane.

LUCK TO TEXAS? WVU Athletic Director Oliver Luck says he "prefers not to comment" on the Texas job, which means they're probably hammering out a contract.

MAKES PLAYOFF COMMITTEE. Oliver Luck is one of 13 announced members of the college football playoff selection committee.

GAME OF THE WEEK. While Iowa State is busy playing/getting demolished by Baylor, FSU-Clemson, otherwise known as the biggest ACC game ever, will be going on.

BAMA-OREGON, FINALLY? The likelihood of a titanic showdown between Alabama and Oregon for the national title grows more likely every week.

GOD DAMN IT, HOUSTON. There's an actual theme song for the Texans to sign Vince Young.