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The Mid-Morning Dump - 10/18/13

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ODB PREVIEW. Our Daily Bears predicts a late cover for the Cyclones, but still a huge Baylor win.

STOPPING THE RUN. Steve Malchow writes that the key to keeping Baylor from destroying us is stopping the Bears rushing attack.

USA TODAY MEH ON ISU. Iowa State gets 2 votes in the USA Today basketball poll, good for 43rd in the country.

HOME SELLOUTS. Home games against Michigan, Iowa, and Kansas are all sold out already.

SLOWING THE GAME DOWN. Developing patience has really helped Jarvis West get the most out of his kick returns.

SPENCER'S GOT FAITH IN US. The Alphabetical (Preview Edition) says that the Cyclones will hold Baylor to under 50 points,

GOING PINK. Oregon's eleventy billion uniforms combinations weren't enough, so they're going pink on Saturday.

PROS AND CONS. Patrick Vint looks at the good and bad about the college football playoff selection committee.

ARIAN FOSTER STOCK. Yeah, he's partnered with a company to sell stock so you can invest in his future earnings. What?

CORN DOGS, REALLY? Deadspin comes up with the Great American food for each state, and Iowa gets corndogs.