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The Mid-Morning Dump - 10/2/13

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THE PREGAMER. Barking Carnival does a humorous preview for every opponent, which means we're up this week. Cyentist even pitches in with a guest section.

PLAYERS TALK TEXAS. A bevy of players chat about the Longhorns with

KNOCKOUT PUNCH. Brent Blum says a loss to Iowa State would be the final straw in Mack Brown's tenure as Texas coach.

BLAIR INTERVIEW. Catching up with Matt Blair, arguably the greatest player in Cyclone history.

RUN DEFENSE BIG. Steve Malchow points out the UT rushing offense vs. the ISU run defense will be the big matchup tomorrow.

NO ASH. This could either be a blessing (see: Boykin, TCU 2012) or a curse (broken knee Walsh, OSU 2012)

TEXAS STILL TEXAS. Despite the Longhorns' struggles this season, Iowa State coaches and players are still treating them like the team a group of 5 star recruits should be.

DEFENSE IMPROVING. Wally Burnham and Paul Rhoads are very happy with the strides the young defense is making.


MORE REASONABLE PREDICTIONS. College Chalk Talk breaks down Big 12 basketball in 2013-14.

RICK PERRY, EVIL GENIUS. EDSBS hatches a plan that leads to Texas football's ultimate demise.

OREGON'S WORST IS STILL PRETTY GOOD. The Numerical is headlined by Oregon's ridiculously sloppy blowout win.

GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN AFFECTING CFB. Army, Navy, and Air Force could be out of action due to the government shutdown. Let's just get the veterans who blew through barriers to get to their WWII memorial to force them into playing the games.

AN HOMAGE TO VILLISCA. The Alphabetical gives a nod to the Villisca ax murder house to preview Mack Brown's Thursday.

FREE WILL FOR FREE BEER. Amstel is giving Bulgarians free beer if they can stand still for 3 minutes.

IT'S ALL THE PIZZA'S FAULT. Nate Burleson finally revealed the pics of his wrecked SUV and the pizza that caused it.

DIII REVOLUTION. How football is saving a bunch of liberal arts colleges.