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The Mid-Morning Dump - 10/21/13

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COMPLETE FAILURE. Paul Rhoads mentions that there was a complete failure as an organization against the Bears.

FILE THIS UNDER "THINGS MESS DIDN'T READ." Football Study Hall went into how to slow down Baylor, and it's obvious we did none of those things. Hold onto the ball? What?

WORST LOSS EVER. Next time you say you saw the worst game Iowa State has ever played, it won't even be hyperbole!

OH, THIS AGAIN. Because the Jared Barnett/Steele Jantz carousel went so well, Paul Rhoads is opening the door for yet another ISU quarterback competition.

MORE OFFENSIVE WOES. In what has become a consistent problem, the offense struggled mightily once again.

WE'RE NOT LAST! Jake Trotter still has Kansas last in his Big 12 power rankings.

QB PROBLEMS ALL AROUND. Oklahoma State and Iowa State are both having QB issues right now.

SENIOR PRIDE? Randy Peterson writes that senior pride provides a reason to finish the season strong. So we're down to this now...

BUBU WANTS BACK. Palo will ask the Board of Regents to overturn Steven Leath's decision to boot him from the team.

EVEN VOLLEYBALL LOST TO A TEXAS TEAM. The Cyclones dropped a 3-1 match to the Longhorns.

I GUESS IT COULD BE WORSE. The Cyclones suck, but the Buccaneers are 0-6 and the losing (and MRSA) are extremely contagious. And to top it all off, Super Bowl MVP Dexter Jackson says Greg Schiano is an asshole.

PLAYOFF IS A WORSE SYSTEM? John Walters (no, not that one) thinks the BCS system was actually better.

ANATOMY OF THE UPSETS. How all the upsets happened this weekend, including Auburn being magically good with Malzahn back and Chizik gone.

WELCOME TO THE BCS DEBATE, 2013 EDITION. FSU vs. Oregon will be the hotly debated topic until one of them loses.

TOP 25 RECAP. Florida State's shocking demolition of Clemson on the road highlights this week's Top 25 review.

THIS WAS THE SECRET ALL ALONG. Preparing for Tom Brady when facing Peyton Manning is the key to stopping him, says Vontae Davis, sort of.

DUNK CITY GROUNDED. FGCU big man and former Cyclone Eric McKnight has been suspended for violating team rules.