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The Mid-Morning Dump - 10/22/13

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7 MINUTES IN DREAMYVILLE. Mic'd up with Fred Hoiberg at a Cyclones practice.

OSU DEPTH CHART. The new depth chart is out, and Sam Richardson is officially an OR with Grant Rohach, as well as the puzzling or between Jansen Watson and Sam E. Richardson.

ALL ABOUT KANE. DeAndre Kane came to Iowa State so he could help make it three straight NCAA tournaments for ISU, and he's already feeling a connection to his new teammates.

ONE WIN CHANGES EVERYTHING. Steve Malchow looks at the upcoming schedule and says that one win could change the season drastically.

PAST AND PRESENT. Brent Blum pens a piece on Iowa State and the adversity they're facing after the blowout loss to Baylor.

STOP ME IF YOU'VE HEARD THIS BEFORE. ISU is looking to bounce back after the Baylor loss.

NO BUBU FOR NOW. Bubu Palo's appeal will not be heard this week, meaning the earliest he could return is December 4th.

NOSTALGIA. Jeff Woody talks about the Oklahoma State game and the touchdown that changed the BCS.

OH, SO YOU CAN CHANGE PLAYCALLERS MID-SEASON. TCU's Gary Patterson is possibly switching his offensive playcaller in the wake of another bad outing.

TWO TOP 30 BIGS. Melvin Ejim (#22) and Georges Niang (#29) both make CBS Sports' list of Top 30 big men (a stretch for Melvin) in college basketball.

SO MUCH FOR THE DEATH PENALTY. Miami escapes the Nevin Shapiro controversy with no bowl ban and a loss of just 9 scholarships.

SMART'S TALKING TRASH. No longer the best NBA prospect in the Big 12, Marcus Smart has his sights set on Andrew Wiggins.

THIS DUDE HATES PINK. One Oregon fan HATED the pink uniforms and shoes that the Ducks wore last weekend.

ROIDED UP PUNTER. Punter Pat McAfee had the NFL hit of the weekend, so he was issued a "random" drug test.

FAKE BEERS. Everyone seems to enjoy talking about real beer so much, so here's a catalog of 71 fictitious beers.