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The Mid-Morning Dump - 10/23/13

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HOIBERG AT MEDIA DAY. Fred Hoiberg's entire press conference on Cyclones.TV.

BASKETBALL POSTER. The ghost of Aaron Craft lives on.

RULE CHANGES. Curtis Shaw explains all the rule changes in the Big 12 this year, which includes Kansas players officially requiring 6 fouls to foul out.

MORE FOULS. Coaches warn that the early part of the season will likely result in tons of fouls while players get adjusted to tighter foul calls.

KANE NAMED TO COUSY WATCH LIST. It's early in the process, but DeAndre Kane is part of the 50 man list.

AND FRED AGREES. Fred Hoiberg notes that the Cyclones are "a little ahead" at point guard with this year's team than in the past.

WE FINALLY MADE IT! Losing to an FCS team didn't get us in, the controversial Texas finish didn't get us in, but getting blown out by 64 finally enabled a WRNL/ISU appearance in This Week In Schadenfreude.

NOT MOVING THE BALL. Kirk Haaland delves into the Cyclones' struggles moving the ball on offense, especially on second down.

STICKING WITH RICHARDSON. After casting doubt earlier in the week, Paul Rhoads says Sam Richardson is definitely still the starter.

PLAYERS-ONLY MEETING. The players are getting sick of the losing, resulting in a players-only meeting.

SO MUCH INEXPERIENCE ON THE LINE. Steve Malchow ran the numbers, and Iowa State's line is horribly green.

HERE'S YOUR BRUN REPLACEMENT FOR 2014. Quan West has moved from WR to TE.

EVERYTHING IS UNDER EVALUATION. Nobody is safe after the embarrassing loss to Baylor.


PINK GLOVE DANCE. Props to Cyclone football for ignoring how ridiculous they look and giving their time and glove dancing moves to a good cause.