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WRNL Interrogates: Cowboys Ride For Free

A Jerrod Johnson reference, defensive sacrifices, and a trade proposal. We interroga... interview AUKing over at Cowboys Ride For Free in this week's edition.

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We feel like the guys over at Cowboys Ride For Free are our brothers from different mothers. Their irreverent take on Oklahoma State matches up nicely with our inappropriateness. Hell they even hate their offensive coordinator too!

This week we went one-on-one with our friend AUKingOState over at Cowboys Ride For Free to get his take on everything from J.W. Walsh's ability to how Mike Yurcich found his way to Stillwater.

You can find our interview with King here and be sure to head over to Cowboys Ride For Free to join in on the discussion.

WRNL: What the hell happened to J.W. Walsh? That guy destroyed us last year on one good knee and is now getting benched after a strong start to the season. So on a scale of 1 to Landry Jones, how far has Walsh regressed?

King: This year Walsh has been like a solar eclipse. Brilliant for a bit, then disappears until next year. I think the line play has hurt the run game, and the run game has hurt the pass game. But, his decision making is why he got benched. You can deal with bad play, but stupid play is impossible to plan for. I think he'll get another chance, but only because I have no faith in either quarterback to keep the job. As far as your regression scale, I'd give him a Jerrod Johnson.

WRNL: Did you have a chance to see that the snuff film code named Iowa State Baylor was shown on ESPNU last week? What do you think is more inappropriate and murdery? That or ESPN hiring Craig James after killing five hookers?

King: Snuff films are a myth, but we'll never get those poor hookers back. But seriously, I don't think Baylor is that good or your that bad, but Jesus that was nasty.

WRNL: It's been advertised pretty well that WRNL has made a deal with Satan in hopes of having long term basketball success. Did Gundy know the offense was going to struggle and cut a deal with the Dark Lord himself to ensure the defense could carry the team? Your defense by all accounts is one of the strongest in the conference and seems to be getting better each week.

King: The sacrifice we made was Bill Young. We cut him the way we cut hogs, fast and left him with no balls. Gundy thinks Satan calls him for a deal, not the other way around. Really though, they're experienced, physical, and well coached. Turns out those factors make for a good defense. Sadly it took us a decade to figure it out. It also helps that Justin Gilbert is actually playing up to his level, last year he played to not get hurt.

WRNL: How did you find OC Mike Yurcich? I mean the jump from DII to BCS offensive coordinator is a big jump. Did he have some dirt on someone at OSU or is this one of those witness protection things and he got marooned in Oklahoma with a cushy job? Is it possible we could trade you Courtney Messingham for him?

King: So, I'm embarrassed to tell you this, but Gundy google'd "number one football offense", and Yurcich was the first name. Sadly that is a true story. I personally feel he's in way above his head, and that his coaching technique is a cause of a lot of our problems. But again, he's super green and young, so he'd be less likely to be offered a sweet job at southern Miss. Personally I wish Gundy would have found another bad ass one and done coordinator, but that's just me. And Messingham is your problem, we have enough of our own.

WRNL: What's your score prediction and how much pants shitting will we see by both offenses on Saturday?

King: We will need seven or eight pallets of Depends to keep this field clean. I'm going with 30-7 OSU, only because I'm counting on Rennie Childs to account for 500 yards and 4 TD's. I'm drinking PBR this weekend in hopes of rekindling some offense from years gone past.

There you have it folks. King and PBR. It's like he knows me.