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The Mid-Morning Dump - 10/25/13

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FASTER DECISIONS, SAM. Paul Rhoads says he needs better decision making from Sam Richardson, but I still feel like Sam would settle for "not dying".

UPSET SPECIAL! Sports Illustrated picks Iowa State as this week's upset special in their weekly pickoff.

BRIGHT FUTURE FOR BURTON. Daniel Burton is the only rookie offensive lineman in the Big 12 to start every game this season, and that bodes well for his future.

KEEPING UP HOPE. The players on the team are saying the right things, maintaining that they still have plenty to play for.

COLD SATURDAY. Better throw on jackets or UnderArmour tomorrow, everybody.

AVERAGE IS GENEROUS. Cowboys Ride For Free even knows that our offense has no identity.

STILL ANGRY. The current Cowboys that left Ames disappointed in 2011 are still pretty bitter about the whole ordeal.

CF AND PFB, SITTING IN A TREE. Chris Williams hangs out with Kyle Porter to talk about Iowa State-Oklahoma State.

BARNETT'S BACK, ALRIGHT! Jared Barnett is coming back to Ames on Saturday as a regular fan, 2 years after leading Iowa State to the biggest upset in school history.

WRASSLIN' MEDIA DAY. Kevin Jackson partakes in wrestling media day.

OUR ATHLETES ARE SMARTER THAN YOUR ATHLETES. Iowa State has the second highest graduation rate in the Big 12, though 60% at football and 54% at basketball isn't exactly impressive.

TOP 20 TRANSFER. Matt Norlander is ready to give the benefit of the doubt to any transfer Fred Hoiberg will take.

BABB STILL ON CELTICS ROSTER. Boston cut 3 more players, but Chris Babb remains on the team, the only training camp invitee left.

ANOTHER OWN GOAL IN THE NHL. This hockey season has given us a lot of content for blooper reels.

AND WE THOUGHT BIG 12 WAS BIASED. Nigerian soccer leagues, where you just can't win on the road.

BUCS CANNON IS ALL THEY HAVE LEFT. In Tampa Bay, the football is so bad, the only thing left to do is scare people with their cannon.