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The Mid-Morning Dump - 10/28/13

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INJURIES SETTING IN. Make a big play, get injured. It's been a familiar theme this season for the Cyclones.

ROHACH INTERVIEW. Grant Rohach talks post game about his first game receiving major playing time after Sam Richardson's injury.

ADJUSTMENTS? WHAT ADJUSTMENTS? The game was lost in the locker room during intermission. Shontrelle Johnson isn't saying it's Mess' fault, but he is: "Not to point any fingers or anything, (but) I think we could have done a better job recognizing what they were doing to prevent us from moving the ball. It wasn't a problem moving the ball in the second quarter."

HOLDING IT TOGETHER. In the midst of his worst season, can Paul Rhoads hold the team together?

IT ONLY GETS BETTER? At least the schedule does get easier from here on out.

AND THE FANS ARE STILL SHOWING UP. Bobby La Gesse compliments Iowa State fans on continuing to fill Jack Trice for a one win team.

MOST BORING FAN TWEET OF THE WEEK EVER. The crappy play on the field has translated into no standards for the fan tweet of the week on recaps.

THE UNHAPPIEST VICTORY. Cowboys Ride For Free doesn't appear to be as happy as a team that just put up 300+ rushing yards and 58 points should be.

PREACH ON, BILL. After a heartbreaking defeat to South Carolina, Bill Connelly writes about his pain in watching Mizzou, pain that fans of every team have felt.

NO CHANGES. The depth chart for KSU is out, and there's no movement, meaning Sam Richardson is good to go.

MCKAY VISITING. Marquette SF Jameel McKay will visit Iowa State in search of a possible transfer destination.

VOLLEYBALL SWEEPS TCU. The ladies dominated TCU 3-0 in front of the season's largest crowd on Saturday night.

OREGON OVERTAKES FSU. Both teams were impressive this weekend, but Oregon overtook FSU in the last iteration of the BCS.

RUN THE BALL, TINY RUSHER. Rice debuted a 4 foot 9 running back on Saturday.

UNIFORM TROLLING. Houston's Tony Levine brought out some crap uniforms before revealing the real ones. P.S. football players LOVE new uniforms.

A MAN AFTER PAUL RHOADS' HEART. Raiders DC Jason Tarver really didn't like a call, and he let the refs know it.

GET IT? BECAUSE HE'S BALD! Michael Bradley scored a goal for AS Roma, and the Italian announcer freaks out.