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The Mid-Morning Dump - 10/29/13

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ATHLETIC CULTURE. The ISU Foundation looks at Cyclone athletic culture.

SPIN DOCTOR. Steve Malchow is so good at spinning the record of a 1-6 team, he should do a rendition of "Two Princes" next.

MESS DOESN'T READ WRNL. Courtney Messingham doesn't read blogs/email/Facebook, so you can stop spamming him with #FireMess.

TOO BAD HE COULDN'T PLAY. Kelechi Osemele returning to Jack Trice on Saturday reminds me of the good ol' days when we had giant offensive linemen.

UNSUNG HERO. Quenton Bundrage earns the unsung hero award from Brandon Chatmon for his two TDs against OSU.

INJURIES APLENTY. An injury update before a Farmageddon showdown with the Wildcats.

BIG 12 RISING. Updated conference power rankings are out, and the Big 12 continues to make up ground on the Pac-12 for second.

KANE SHINES IN SECRET. The secret scrimmage with Creighton is sort of in the books, and DeAndre Kane looks very legit.

HAHN IN THE RECORD BOOKS. The Iowa State record for career Big 12 weekly honors is Kristen Hahn's alone.

LUCKY LONGHORNS. Oliver Luck is confirmed by many to be the leading candidate to replace DeLoss Dodds as Texas AD.

THE ALPHABETICAL. Spencer Hall's weekly recap, where every Golden Gopher will fight their balls off.

SPECIAL UNIS FOR TECH. Texas Tech unveils a new "Lone Survivor" uniform combo.

TAUNT AWAY, GOLDEN. Seattle's Golden Tate celebrated his touchdown in the most taunty way ever.

BUSCH STADIUM, THE BIRTHPLACE OF FLIGHT. Or at least giant paper airplanes during a World Series game.