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The Mid-Morning Dump - 10/3/13

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PREVIEWS! Chris Williams is calling for Texas winning 24-17, ESPN has a video preview, while Kirk Haaland is going with 31-21 Longhorns.

ISU SHOULD SUPPORT PAY FOR PLAY. Bobby La Gesse argues that Iowa State should get behind an Olympic model of pay for play.

ALL HAIL TROTTER. Or maybe not, because he's 0 for 3 on the season picking Iowa State games.

REPLACING ASH. Big 12 blog discusses how Texas will get by without David Ash.

COLEMAN ALWAYS LIKED ISU. Growing up in Nebraska, Justin Coleman was the rare non-Husker fan.

MACK BROWN COMFORTABLE IN AMES. He's on the hot seat, but Mack Brown is going to enjoy another trip up North.

BIG OPPORTUNITY. Beating Texas would help Iowa State make up for having such a terrible start to the season.

CHRISTOFFERSON PRESEASON ALL-BIG 12. Hallie Christofferson is on the Big 12 coaches' preseason first team.

FENNELLY PRESS CONFERENCE. Bill Fennelly talks about the upcoming women's basketball season.

BOB STOOPS JUST KEEPS ON TROLLING. Man, Bob really loves to hate on the SEC, this time going after their defenses.

THIS WEEK IN SCHADENFREUDE. LSU's loss is the highlight of TWIS this week.

HOCKEY MISSED YOU, PATRICK. One game into his NHL coaching career, Patrick Roy is already getting ragey and trying to murder people.