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The Mid-Morning Dump - 10/30/13

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MORE BAD NEWS. The season just keeps bringing more terrible news, as Luke Knott is probably out for the year, while Aaron Wimberly is out for Kansas State.

RHOADS LOVES TRIBUNE. Paul Rhoads is a big fan of true freshman Nigel Tribune and talks about his bright future at Iowa State.

SENECA SENECA SENECA. TDdaily goes one on one with Seneca Wallace about Iowa State, the NFL, and of course, "The Run".

MISTER SOLID. Tommy Mister is staying true to his Iowa State commitment, saying that he and Allen Lazard plan to be on the Iowa State team that turns it around.

FIXING THE DEFENSE. Wally Burnham and Paul Rhoads are trying to fix a defense that's missing assignments and tackles right now.

CARDINAL JERSEY FOR JACK TRICE? Not so fast, says Josh Kagavi, who does some more amazing research into Jack Trice's jersey.

RANKING THE BIG 12'S QBS. Sam Richardson doesn't even finish in the top 10 of ESPN's Top 25 Big 12 QBs.

WOMEN DEBUT AT #20. The women's basketball team starts the year at #20 in the USA Today poll.

FORMER OREGON PLAYER HATES THE FANS. A former Ducks player sat in the stands at Autzen Stadium and was disgusted with most of the stuff he heard.

THIS WEEK IN SCHADENFREUDE. Mizzou's anger sort of drowns out everybody else's in this week's rendition.

THE NUMERICAL. Well, at least looking at Baylor's numbers vs. Kansas will make you feel slightly better about when they murdered Iowa State.

RAIDER RASH. Oklahoma State's student newspaper either takes a hilarious or inappropriate shot at Texas Tech, however you want to look at it.

FATAL FLAW FOR O'BANNON? Patrick Vint discusses the possible hole the NCAA may have found in the athlete likeness trial.

THE SBN COMMITTEE. Four SBN staffers sit down to discuss how they'd seed a hypothetical playoff this year.

COOL RUNNINGS ON THE DIAMOND. San Diego State played a baseball game in Halloween costumes and the Cool Runnings bit was clearly the best.

STARTING THE NBA SEASON OFF RIGHT. One game down, one Chris Bosh videobomb.

THE BROWNS CAN'T EVEN QUOTE CORRECTLY. The Cleveland Browns are terrible on the field, but it turns out they're not even good at pasting quotes in their practice facility.