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The Mid-Morning Dump - 10/31/13

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WALTERS PREVIEW. John Walters previews Farmageddon.

IT'S OK IF THE NFL DOES IT TOO. The spin doctor is in the house as he presents a comparison between ISU's tackling problems to the NFL.

TWO MORE YEARS OF QUENTON! On the positive side, Quenton Bundrage has been a bright spot in Iowa State's disappointing offense.

ANOTHER PREDICTED L. JAKE TROTTER STILL HATES US! (Though at this point, maybe less than most of us hate ourselves.)

WELL, THAT DOESN'T SOUND GOOD. Sam Richardson says he felt "tingling in his legs" after he was crunched on Saturday.

AT LEAST WE HAVE BASKETBALL. Cyclone players talk about the season opening up on Sunday with an exhibition.

MATT THOMAS IS AN AMAZING SHOOTER. Even Chris Babb is impressed with how well Matt Thomas can shoot the ball, though he does warn that there will never be another Tyrus.

MELVIN EJIM, ALL AROUND GOOD GUY. The Nigerian Nightmare is up for a Senior CLASS award for excellence in community, classroom, character and competition.

HALLIE CHRISTOFFERSON, TOO. Christofferson was also named a candidate for the Senior CLASS award.

SURVIVING TECH. Iowa State volleyball needed 5 sets to outlast Texas Tech.

DING DONG, THE TARP IS DEAD. The Baylor tarp is dead, as the seats under it will be sold for both the Oklahoma and Texas games. This means Iowa State will be the last team to ever visit a tarp-ed Floyd Casey.

WHAT A STRANGE RIVALRY. I know Iowa State-Iowa gets heated, but at least nobody has to protect a statue of Jack Trice or Nile Kinnick from dildo-wielding rival fans.

WOULD HATE TO SEE HIM NOT HIGH. Carl Pelini is resigning from FAU after he was caught using marijuana at a social event.

YEP, TOTALLY THE COACHING. Former Bucs player Stephen White looks at just what the hell is wrong with his former squad.

BOSTON BEING BOSTON. After another World Series win, Boston is decidedly not going to act like it's been there before.

ST. LOUIS GUY IS AN ASSHOLE. Bobby Metzinger was arrested for making threats about Boston... or possibly for once writing for Bleacher Report.