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The Mid-Morning Dump - 10/7/13

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RHOADS PARODY. I love Paul Rhoads as much as anyone else, but you have to appreciate a good parody.

MORE BIG 12 GARBAGE. Paul Rhoads received a public reprimand for his post game comments about the officiating, which is understandable, but Mike Davis getting the exact same punishment is a complete joke. I guess trying to end another player's career is the same thing as a few comments about poor officiating.

LAZARD LIKES THE PASSION. Allen Lazard says that the fire Rhoads showed is just one reason he can't wait to play for Iowa State.

RICHARDSON IMPROVING. Coaches are happy with the progress Sam Richardson has showed both in overcoming his injury and his play.

NO LINGERING EFFECTS. Most enjoyed the PR rant, but the Cyclones can't let this loss linger.

LOOKING AHEAD TO TEXAS TECH. Iowa State's next opponent is another school from Texas, and they're pretty good.

WIMBERLY UNQUESTIONED #1. Aaron Wimberly is getting most of Iowa State's carries now, and he's continuing to impress.

GOOD LORD BAYLOR. The Bears laid waste to West Virginia's defense on Saturday, and ODB is looking at the staggering numbers.

MORE OFFICIATING MADNESS. Nearly the opposite of what happened during Iowa State-Texas happened at Washington-Stanford, with a probable, but hardly indisputable replay being used to end Washington's drive for a game-tying field goal.

EFF YOU, DABO. Syracuse's coach wasn't pleased that Clemson went for it up 28.

COLT LYERLA OUT. From Mackey award candidate to out of school in less than a month for the star Oregon tight end.

MID-LIFE ANGER. Middle-aged As fan fights a bunch of cops, then gets tasered, because... Oakland.