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The Mid-Morning Dump - 10/8/13

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PAUL RHOADS PRESS CONFERENCE. has his weekly press conference.

SAFETIES AT LINEBACKER. Steve Malchow notes that Iowa State has two former safeties at LB, and while they give up size, they do provide additional benefits in pass coverage.

TEXAS TECH DEPTH CHART. The new depth chart is out, and the only changes are that Jamison Lalk is returning to the lineup (though not starting), and Oni Omoile replaces Ethan Tuftee as the official starter at SG, even though he was getting all the snaps last week.

MVP RICHARDSON. Randy Peterson talks about who the Cyclones' MVP has been thus far in the season.

MIKE DAVIS NEEDS PR HELP. First he said he had no remorse about the late cut block on Deon Broomfield, then he sort of clarified. Just take the mic away from him already, Texas.

BROOMY TALKS. Deon Broomfield made his first public comments about the Davis incident, and unlike Davis, he handles it in a clear and mature fashion.

STILL BETTER THAN THE BIG TEN. The Big 12 is universally regarded to be crappy this season, and yet, according to ESPN's conference rankings, it's STILL better than the Big Ten.

UNSUNG HERO. Luke Knott is starting to garner praise for his play, earning an "unsung hero" nod from Brandon Chatmon. Big brother would be proud.

TUTORS HATE HAIRSTON. A longtime UNC tutor quit, then called out Roy Williams for his soft treatment of troubled forward P.J. Hairston.

NO CENSORSHIP HERE. The A's and Tigers got into a bitching match which escalated into your typical baseball brawl of a bunch of shoving.

MANZIEL'S OUTLOOK CALENDAR. Good Bull Hunting hacked into Johnny Manziel's bye week Outlook calendar.

PAT DYE ISN'T HAPPY. The former Auburn coach highly disapproves of the inclusion of Condoleezza Rice in the college football playoff committee.

GOLDOUT. Texas and Oklahoma will wear gold trimmed unis for the Red River shootout on Saturday. OU's gold will represent the golden shower they'll probably rain on the Longhorns, while Texas' gold will represent Mack Brown's buyout.

THE QB HATE INDEX. After Matt Schaub's awful, no good day on Sunday, Jon Bois investigates the various levels of internet hate for various QBs.

JONATHAN QUICK IS HAVING A BAD DAY. It's not every day where most of us here can say we would make a save an elite NHL goalie couldn't.