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The Mid-Morning Dump - 10/9/13

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HOIBERG BY THE NUMBERS. If you compare Fred Hoiberg to Tim Floyd and Larry Eustachy's beginnings, he comes out very favorably.

BOUNCING BACK. Iowa State hopes to continue the trend of bouncing back after heartbreaking losses in Lubbock this weekend.

STRANGE COMPANY. ISU is one of four programs to knock off a ranked team on the road each of the past four seasons. The others? Alabama, Oregon, Ohio State.

MIKE DAVIS MAKES A VIDEO APOLOGY. This issue is starting to be overblown, but to be fair, if Texas just made him read something a quarter of the length of this apology on Monday morning, this whole fiasco would have been over.

TWO WEEK FIREWORKS SHOW. The Cyclones get to go on the road the next two weeks to face the Big 12 fireworks show.

NETTEN GAINING CONFIDENCE. Lost in the loss to Texas was the fact freshman kicker Cole Netten was very good after a rough outing against Tulsa.

USA TODAY IS SO OUTRAGED WITH THIS RANKING. CBS Sports put out their Big 12 preview, and Iowa State is picked fourth.

KANE TOP 10 TRANSFER. Yahoo is ranking the top 15 impact transfers, and DeAndre Kane falls at #10.

WRASSLIN PRESEASON POLL. Iowa State checks in at #8 on InterMat's preseason poll.

BARNETT OUT. Jared Barnett has left the Illinois State program after getting demoted all the way to third string.

THE ALPHABETICAL. Spencer Hall's weekly review, which I feel is highlighted by the tidbit on Hawaii's announcer.

BITCHING ABOUT FAKING INJURIES. Steve Sarkisian accused Stanford of faking injuries, so David Shaw fired back in droves.

FOOTBALL IS SERIOUS BUSINESS IN TEXAS. A couple of Texans fans showed up at Matt Schaub's house to harass him about being bad at a game.

ROOKIE RIDICULOUSNESS. Tomas Hertl had a hat trick in his third game in the NHL, and he topped the three goals by scoring an insane fourth.

THE MIGHTY DUCKS ARE BACK! The Anaheim Ducks are bringing back the original jerseys for one game. Unfortunately, the knuckle puck still doesn't really work.

LET'S GET WEIRD! David Ortiz and Koji Uehara certainly did after the Red Sox moved on to the ALCS.