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The Mid-Morning Dump - 11/11/2013

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DREAMY CHAT. Hoisenberg talks about the Cyclones' impressive offensive outburst on Sunday.

A BABB-IAN PERFORMANCE. Naz Long got the start due to his defensive prowess, but turned that into offensive flair with 8 threes.

EJIM BACK FOR MICHIGAN? It still seems unlikely, but even the possibility he could play in 6 days seemed like insanity when Melvin first went down.

MCKAY IN THE HOUSE. New Cyclone Jameel McKay was at the UNC-Wilmington game and talked about his commitment.

CHRISTOFFERSON GOES OFF. Hallie Christofferson had a career high 32 points in a 84-55 demolition of North Dakota in the women's season opener.

BARNETT WOULD KNOW. The perplexing QB substitution patterns used by the Cyclones confused even Jared Barnett.

OFFENSES? WHAT'S THAT? Randy Peterson looks at the Cyclones' offense... or lack thereof.


PITIFUL. "TCU and Iowa State combined for 13 three-and-outs and 21 punts in Ames, generating significantly more yards on punts (768) than in total offense (651) in a 21-17 Horned Frog win."

VOLLEYBALL RISING. After some struggles to begin the season, ISU is now on a six game win streak, sweeping OU in front of 2013's largest crowd.

TACKLING? NAH. Texas Tech is on a three game skid, and Baker Mayfield is too distraught about it to attempt a tackle.

THIS IS WHY YOU CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS. Minnesota won a rivalry trophy, then promptly broke it.

THE TOP WHATEVER. Spencer Hall reviews what happened with the top (nine this week) teams in the land.