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The Mid-Morning Dump - 11/12/13

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CLEANING UP BIG 12 WEEKLY AWARDS. The Cyclones picked up two men's basketball awards as 3sus of Nazareth picked up a Big 12 player of the week award while DeAndre Kane got the nod for newcomer of the week. Meanwhile, Hallie Christofferson was the women's player of the week. And just to top it off, Cara Capezio was named Big 12 volleyball's rookie of the week.

PAUL RHOADS PRESS CONFERENCE. CPR dishes on the QB situation and how he'll evaluate the coaching staff in the offseason.

OU DEPTH CHART. Another week and Grant Rohach is still listed as the #1. Let the debates begin.

JAKE MCDONOUGH FOR OC. Because he shows innovation. And also, can it really get worse?

BIBBS UNSUNG HERO. E.J. Bibbs got the Big 12 blog's unofficial "sorry your team is terrible but hey at least you were good" award.

ROHACH ADMITS POOR DECISIONS. Grant Rohach admits he made some poor reads against TCU and talks about starting against OU.

THIS WORKED OUT POORLY IN THE PAST. Paul Rhoads comments that ISU will be holding an open QB competition in 2014.

A VERY GOOD PROBLEM TO HAVE. With Melvin Ejim's impending return, there may not be room for Naz Long to continue to start.

PRIMETIME PILLOW FIGHT. Iowa State - Kansas will be at either 11 AM or 7 PM on FS1. Fingers crossed for 7 PM just so we have sufficient tailgate time to black out and forget this game ever happened.


OHIO STATE WANTS BAMA/FSU. OSU's Evan Spencer says the Buckeyes would "wipe the floor" with Alabama or Florida State.

GET OUT OF THE WAY, LINESMAN! A junior hockey fight ended with a linesman getting punched out.

STRIKER GOALKEEPER. Just your average, run of the mill bicycle kick goal by a keeper.