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The Mid-Morning Dump - 11/13/13

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DREAMY TALK. Fred Hoiberg talks after a 30 point blowout of A&M-Corpus Christi.

HOPE FOR MELVIN. There's hope that Melvin Ejim could play this weekend, but don't count on it.

IFFY REFS AND A CRAPPY BUDGET? NOTHING'S CHANGED. Joshua Kagavi does in depth on the first Cyclone football team... all the way back in 1895.

MELVIN EJIM: FUTURE SPUR. Mark Titus previews the Big 12 and Melvin Ejim's chances at the NBA, which ride on him getting to San Antonio.

CUSTER SIGNS. The early signing period begins today, and Clayton Custer has already submitted his Iowa State letter of intent.

ANOTHER VISITOR! Rashad Vaughn will already be in the house for the Michigan game, but Minnesota 4 star power forward Alex Illikainen will be joining him as well.

KIRBY FOR QB. The best rated passer on the roster is Kirby Van Der Kamp, which he showed once again on Saturday.

SLOW STARTS. The average opening drive for the Cyclones this season gains only 14.3 yards. Terrific.

THE NUMERICAL. Where we learn that karma about declaring karma is a thing, as demonstrated by Arkansas.

JAMEIS ALMOST CERTAINLY GETTING FAMOUS. Florida State's Jameis Winston has a nearly insurmountable lead in the Heisman race.

THE ALPHABETICAL. I don't know what Spencer's smoking this week, but he believes the WVU helmet logo is actually a copy of Mr. Burns' sun shield.

BIG DAY IN HOOPS. #2 Michigan State knocked off the top ranked Kentucky Wildcats, while the Wiggins-led Kansas Jayhawks beat Jabari Parker and Duke.

KU ON KU CRIME. Xavier Henry posterizes Jeff Withey.

NO RESPECT. You'd think Michael Jordan wouldn't have to resort to cheating in beer pong.

AN EVEN LOWER LOW FOR THE NCAA. Do a fun run, and you'll have a year of NCAA eligibility stripped from you.

THIS GUY PUTS YOUR CELEBRATION TO SHAME. Norwegian South African hockey player makes the hockey rink his icy dance floor and absolutely kills it.

AND ON THE DARKER SIDE OF HOCKEY... Assaulting another player with your stick isn't cool.

SEVENTH GRADE DARREN ROVELL. Presented without comment.