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The Mid-Morning Dump - 11/14/13

DAVID IRVING ARRESTED. The defensive tackle was charged with domestic violence after an incident yesterday afternoon.

MESS ON PLAYCALLING. Courtney Messingham is interviewed by CFTV, and he's actually taking some responsibility for the playcalling.

GETTING FIRED? Mess also addresses all the rumors of his impending dismissal.

BURNHAM TALKS OU. Wally Burnham talks about the upcoming matchup with Oklahoma.

OFFENSIVE ISSUES. Kirk Haaland with a statistical analysis of Iowa State's offense.. or lack thereof.

MORE KIRK! Mr. Haaland goes into Fred Hoiberg's Cyclones serving up the long ball.

NEVER WAVERED. Clayton Custer has been a committed Cyclone for almost two years now, and he made it official yesterday.

STRUGGLED ONE OUT. The women's basketball team had a lot of issues in the first half, but ultimately sent South Dakota home with an 88-72 loss.

WVU SWEEP. Iowa State volleyball swept the Mountaineers yesterday in Morgantown.

WE DON'T MATTER ANYMORE. Barking Carnival doesn't even review Iowa State games anymore, but they're still giving us a shout out, so I guess there's that.

MACTION MAGIC. The MAC: home of high-fiving dogs.

BRILES INKS EXTENSION. Art Briles now has a pretty large buyout for other schools (Texas) to contend with after he signed an extension through 2023, when he'll be 68. Also noteworthy: Art Briles is currently 58?

WINSTON IN TROUBLE? It sounds bad initially, but read into it a little and it doesn't sound like there's much to the Jameis Winston sexual battery story.

GREATEST 30 FOR 30 EVER. Yahoo did a mockumentary 30 for 30 on the final game in Space Jam.

PAUL RHOADS IS PUTTING THE NUMBER IN HIS PHONE NOW. Mike Leach once called up Dan Beebe in the middle of a game against Texas to bitch about the officiating.

SONIC STILL OPEN? Dwayne Bowe actually asked the cops that after he was arrested for marijuana possession. Because munchies don't stop just because you're getting arrested.