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The Mid-Morning Dump - 11/15/13

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DAVID IRVING SITUATION GETS WORSE. There was a prior investigation into a sexual assault case involving Irving. Have to imagine he's done with the team if any of this is true.

BIG SUNDAY. With lots of visitors in the house and Johnny Orr present, the Cyclones' game against Michigan will be massive. Travis Hines chimes in with his thoughts on this Sunday as well.

DECEMBER PRACTICES. Steve Malchow sadly argues that even non-bowl teams should get December practice time if they so choose.

NEW KICKOFF RETURN SCHEME. In one of the only bright spots of the Cyclones' season, the kick return game has had major improvements.

OKLAHOMA PREVIEWS. Hard to preview a game when one school has won only five times against the other in total, but all hope is not lost when the Cyclones welcome Kansas to town next weekend.

MORE NEALY LOVE. DeVondrick Nealy is making the most of his touches when the opportunity arises, which has helped him score a touchdown in four straight games.

CROSS COUNTRY SCHOOL. Cody Westerlund of the Ames Tribune previews this weekend's NCAA Midwest Regional in Ames and talks about the development of the women's cross country team under new coach Andrea Grove-McDonough.

MICHIGAN Q&A. We talked about the Cyclone basketball squad with Maize n Brew earlier this week.

HEY, PEOPLE LIKE OUR SHIRTS! DM Juice features the Hoisenberg shirts, so that should make us feel better about the impending OU doom, right?

BEEBE DENIES LEACH CALL. Dan Beebe says Mike Leach never called him during a game between the Red Raiders and Texas.

FAMOUS JAMEIS PROBLEMS. Tomahawk Nation looks at the situation surrounding Jameis Winston and the possible sexual abuse allegations.