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The Mid-Morning Dump - 11/19/13

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WELCOME BACK MELVIN. One game was all it took for the Big 12 conference to declare Melvin Ejim the conference's player of the week.

RANKED. Iowa State checks in at #21 in the AP poll, the first time they've been ranked in the regular season since 2005.

CLUTCH. Execution down the stretch was the biggest reason Iowa State beat Michigan, something that didnt happen much last year.

3SUS IS A GIVER. Naz Long may be moved back a sixth man role, and he's more than OK with it, or any other role Fred Hoiberg assigns him.

OFFENSIVE LINE GAINS. Steve Malchow writes that the offensive line has been performing better of late, which holds promise for 2014.

NO FEAR. Paul Rhoads says he doesn't feel like he is in danger of losing his job at all.

NO JUCOS. Paul Rhoads is not planning on recruiting any JuCo QBs for next year.

DEAD LAST. We're finally below KU in the Big 12 blog's power rankings.

YOUNG LOVE IS TRAGIC. David Irving's girlfriend talks to the Iowa State Daily about what happened.

AP VOTERS GET CALLED OUT. Gary Parrish looks at some of the horrible AP basketball ballots being filled out and takes them to task.

MASTERPIECE WEEKEND. Auburn's miracle and J.J Worton's catch highlighted this weekend's craziness in college football.

SUCH AN IOWA STATE FINISH. AJ Klein and the Carolina Panthers ended up on the lucky end of a horribly officiated call to end their game against New England.

ROB FORD DRAFT PROFILE. After Toronto mayor Rob Ford went all crazy in a hearing yesterday, Spencer Hall evaluates his future in football.