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The Mid-Morning Dump - 11/21/13

A GREAT WIN. Here's highlights of last night's win over BYU, only the 11th time the Cougars have lost at home in the last EIGHT years.

UNLIKELIEST OF HEROES. If you had Daniel Edozie making the biggest play of the game last night, you should immediately drive to Vegas and throw down your life savings.

THE EYE GOUGE SEEN ROUND THE WORLD. Everyone seems to have their own opinion of the DeAndre Kane eye gouge of BYU's Eric Mika, and the still image certainly makes it look bad, but even the KSL feed out of Utah doesn't think it's intentional. Either way, best wishes to Mika Ivan Drago in his eye scans, who looks to be a hell of a player even as a freshman.

DANGEROUS BYU TRAINING STAFF. Eric Mika was kicked in the head by his own training staff after he went down in a collision involving Melvin Ejim and Nate Austin.

Melvin Ejim was unhappy with the crowd taunting him for fouling out, so he pulled out a single booker. He would apologize immediately following the game.


DIRTY CYCLONES? Mid-Major Madness believes that Iowa State was playing very dirty last night.

RECORD COLD? The tailgating forecast for this weekend's game against KU is extremely cold with a good chance of shitty football.

SIX JUCO VISITORS. Iowa State will host six JUCO prospects this weekend.

WE SHOULD BE DOING THIS MORE. While the Iowa State game was going on, MACtion was happening, and it featured a lineman suplexing his own running back for a first down.

UH OH, JAMEIS. There's now DNA evidence matching him to the victim, while his accuser is now speaking out against the police.