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The Mid-Morning Dump - 11/22/13

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POLLARD RESPONDS. Jamie Pollard issued a statement to respond to BYU fans incensed by Melvin Ejim's middle finger salute. In it, he seems to indicate a distaste for coaching tantrums... soooooo.. Paul Rhoads?

AMONG THE BEST VICTORIES EVER. Randy Peterson writes that the victory in Provo might be among the best ever for the Cyclone basketball program.

#1! Team Rankings' current overall power ratings has Iowa State at #1 in the country, just ahead of Kansas.

TALKING KU. Courtney Messingham and Wally Burnham chat about playing the second crappiest team in the Big 12.

A TRIBUTE TO THE SENIORS. talks about the seniors playing in their final game at Jack Trice, while Kirk Haaland writes about his favorite memories of them.

COLDEST GAME IN HISTORY. Mike Green recalls the coldest game in ISU history, a mark that is set to be challenged by tomorrow's evening kickoff against Kansas.

JEREMIAH REFLECTS. Chris Williams sits down with Jeremiah George to reflect on his four years in Ames.

AFRAID OF SIMS. The Iowa State defense is very wary of KU running back James Sims.

WOMEN 3-0. The women's basketball team is now 3-0 after a road win over Cincinnati.

ATHLETE PROBLEM. An interesting look at football culture in Tallahassee from the eyes of an FSU lecturer.


GRONK, YOU DUMMY. Rob Gronkowski doesn't really get how a time machine works. Maybe he should be introduced to the girl who doesn't understand why dogs can't talk if they have brains.