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The Mid-Morning Dump - 11/25/13

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WVU DEPTH CHART. Not many changes for the season finale in Morgantown.

A TRIBUTE TO SHONTRELLE. Chris Williams salutes senior Shontrelle Johnson, who leaves Iowa State with so much unfulfilled potential due to injuries.

HELMET STICKER FOR ROHACH. Big 12 blog gives Grant Rohach a helmet sticker, which hasn't happened for about 8 weeks.

BACK TO #9! Iowa State is no longer in the Big 12 cellar after the throttling of KU.

ONE WIN MEANS A LOT. Sure, it's just Kansas, but one win means a lot for the Cyclones' season.

KANE TALKS EJECTION. DeAndre Kane states the obvious; that he wasn't trying to poke Eric Mika in the eye.

SEARCHING FOR MORE MINUTES. Daniel Edozie made the huge block on Tyler Haws last week, and is now looking for more playing time.

FENNELLY WIN #400. Bill Fennelly won his 400th game at Iowa State as the Cyclones downed Drake 89-47.

EXTREME DUI! .454 BAC and still driving functionally. Of course it would happen in North Liberty.

TOP WHATEVER. Baylor and Oregon leave the Top Whatever after disappointing showings this weekend.

FLORIDA IS HAVING A PRETTY SHITTY SEASON. Losing to Georgia Southern, who didn't even have a single passing yard? I guess that happens when your players block each other.

ANGRY PHOTOGRAPHERS. Two photographers punch each other for their shot at a sad Peyton Manning.

TAKING THE WIND. 11 years after the Marty Morningwehg OT coin flip fiasco, Bill Belichick took the wind, except it worked out for him.