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The Mid-Morning Dump - 11/29/13

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CLOSING OUT THE SEASON WITH A WIN? The Cyclones look to close out the season with a win at West Virginia, and Chris Williams predicts they will do exactly that.  Spoiler alert: My preview will be much shorter.

CY-HAWK REMAINS. The annual ISU-Iowa battle for the Cy-Hawk Trophy has been extended through 2021.

WE'VE SEEN THIS STORY BEFORE. Randy Peterson takes a "fresh look" at the impending quarterback controversyentering the 2014 season.  Interesting note that no one really thinks of: Sam is likely the starter for all these games barring injury, and one wonders how he would have performed.

WOMEN'S HOIBALL. Calling the 3 point stylings of the Bill Fennelly's women's team is a bit unfair to his past, but this year's team is looking to be a great three point shooting team in order to win in the Big XII.

ALWAYS REMEMBER. The time that Hilton flooded in 2010 and the volleyball team had to play at Ames High.

FLOYD BEING FLOYD. Tim Floyd thought it was a good idea to get into a shouting match with USC's staff before the Battle 4 Atlantis tournament started.  With UTEP's win and USC's loss last night it is unlikely they will end up meeting in the consolation bracket.

NAIA MEET THE NCAA. This is just stupid.  A kid who hit a $20K half court shot at a Thunder game may lose his eligibility if he accepts the money.

TOMLINING. Mike Tomlin interferes with Jacoby Jones' kick return last night and fails to get called on it.

TECH BEING MESSY. Despite the 41-16 loss Tech still provided highlights for everyone.  First there was this fake punt that made Texas look ridiculous then there was the failed throwback pass.