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Riot Bowl II GameThread

Riot Bowl II takes place in Morgantown with a heavy dose of booze and the high potential for sad, put me out of my misery rioting.

David Purdy

WHAT: Iowa State vs West Virginia Football

WHERE: Milan Puskar Stadium, Morgantown, WV


TELEVISION: Fox Sports 1

RADIO: Cyclone Radio Network

WHY: Because we have to

Iowa State heads to Morgantown to renew the newfound, booze based rivalry with our peers from the Appalachians. Neither team is playing for a bowl, and at this point is not playing for pride either. It's Senior Day in Morgantown and Iowa State is looking for their first Big XII road win since defeating Kansas nearly one year ago.

The only thing at stake in this game are the jobs of various coaches on both sides of the ball. No big deal. With any luck something will get lit on fire.

Remember, have fun, and no illegal streams of the game.