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The Mid-Morning Dump - 11/5/13

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PAUL RHOADS PRESS CONFERENCE. has yesterday's press conference.

DEPTH CHART DOUBT. Grant Rohach was listed at the starter on the depth chart, then Paul Rhoads announced the two QBs were still battling. Randy Peterson tries to shed some light on the mystifying QB carousel in Ames.

KNOTT OUT. Luke Knott is out for the rest of the season and spring football for his hip/groin injury.

GANNON'S BACK. The possible return of junior Jacob Gannon is a big one for Paul Rhoads' squad.

AND LICHTENBERG IS OUT. A familiar news report for the Cyclones this season as another lineman is too injured to go this week.

WANT RHOADS FIRED? Then read this look at the numbers from Kirk Haaland first.

HEY, NEALY DIDN'T SUCK. In another week of offensive ineptitude, DeVondrick Nealy looked decent, garnering a nod from the Big 12 blog for being an unsung hero.

CRAZINESS IN AMES. A driver who was on sidewalks trying to escape police was shot and killed on the Iowa State campus yesterday.

SENECA TIME? Aaron Rodgers went down with a broken collarbone, so Seneca Wallace may be in for a couple of weeks. He looked pretty crappy last night.

FSU/OREGON. Ah, the battle rages on.

BEST WR TANDEM EVER? Jake Trotter looks at the way Baylor's duo have been lighting up the stat sheet and compares them to Big 12 tandems of yesteryear.

RICHIE INCOGNITO SEEMS SANE. A voice mail he left for bullied teammate Jonathan Martin is pretty disturbing.

AMAZING OWN BASKET. Kentucky's James Young saved ball from going out of bounds by throwing it behind his back... but put it in his own basket.