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2014 Big 12 Schedule Released

Some interesting changes for Iowa State in 2014, including two byes!

Will Mack Brown still be the Texas coach in 2014?
Will Mack Brown still be the Texas coach in 2014?

The Big 12 has released its schedule for 2014 and there are some major changes for the Cyclones. The Thanksgiving weekend game against West Virginia will continue on for another year, but it will not be the final game of the season for the Cyclones in 2014, as Iowa State will travel to Fort Worth to play in December for the first time in a while. Also notable is that Iowa State finally has two byes during conference season.

Saturday, September 27 - Baylor
Saturday, October 4 - at Oklahoma State
Saturday, October 11 - Kansas State
Saturday, October 18 - at Texas
Saturday, October 25 - BYE
Thursday, October 30 or Saturday, November 1 - Oklahoma
Saturday, November 8 - at Kansas
Saturday, November 15 - BYE
Saturday, November 22 - Texas Tech
Saturday, November 29 - West Virginia
Saturday, December 6 - at TCU

Full Big 12 Schedule:

Thursday, September 25
Texas Tech at Oklahoma State

Saturday, September 27
Baylor at Iowa State
Oklahoma at West Virginia
Texas at Kansas

Saturday, October 4
Baylor at Texas
Iowa State at Oklahoma State
Kansas at West Virginia
Oklahoma at TCU
Texas Tech at K-State

Saturday, October 11
K-State at Iowa State
West Virginia at Texas Tech
Texas vs. Oklahoma (Dallas)
Oklahoma State at Kansas
TCU at Baylor

Saturday, October 18
Baylor at West Virginia
Iowa State at Texas
Kansas at Texas Tech
K-State at Oklahoma
Oklahoma State at TCU

Saturday, October 25
West Virginia at Oklahoma State
Texas at K-State
Texas Tech at TCU

Thursday, October 30
*Oklahoma at Iowa State or

Saturday, November 1
*Oklahoma at Iowa State
Kansas at Baylor
Oklahoma State at K-State
Texas at Texas Tech
TCU at West Virginia Saturday, November 8
Baylor at Oklahoma
Iowa State at Kansas
K-State at TCU
West Virginia at Texas

Saturday, November 15
Oklahoma at Texas Tech
Texas at Oklahoma State
TCU at Kansas

Thursday, November 20
K-State at West Virginia

Saturday, November 22
Kansas at Oklahoma
Oklahoma State at Baylor
Texas Tech at Iowa State

Thursday, November 27
TCU at Texas

Saturday, November 29
Texas Tech vs. Baylor (Arlington)
Kansas at K-State
West Virginia at Iowa State
*Oklahoma State at Oklahoma or

Saturday, December 6
*Oklahoma State at Oklahoma
Iowa State at TCU
K-State at Baylor