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The Mid-Morning Dump - 11/6/13

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MCKAY COMMITS. Jameel McKay will leave Marquette before ever playing a game, choosing to head to Ames to play for Fred Hoiberg, citing playing style as the reason for the change of heart.

FRED LIKES MONTE. Mayor McDreamy was more than willing to heap the praise on freshman Monte Morris while taking a semi-shot at Korie Lucious.

TALKING TCU. Jeremiah George, Jeff Woody, and Grant Rohach talk about the game against the Horned Frogs.

MALCHOW TALKS 2014. Steve Malchow calls the 2014 Big 12 schedule challenging but fair.

KNOTT THE MOTIVATOR. Luke Knott's injury has forced him from making plays to motivating others to make plays.

A PURPLE NIGHTMARE. This Week In Schadenfreude is led off by the unimaginable sadness a Nebraska Hail Mary can cause.

PATTERSON FOR TEXAS. Arizona State's Steve Patterson is the new Texas Longhorn Athletic Director. So much for those reports of Oliver Luck.

SO... SABAN? The flirtation between Nick Saban and Texas continues.

GOOD LORD PURDUE. The Boilermakers haven't run a play in the red zone since September 28th. Yes. Over a month.

THE NUMERICAL. Bill Connelly's recap features some Tennessee defense that even Iowa State would be appalled at.

HEY, SOCCER'S KINDA COOL. If you watch 8 straight minutes of Ibrahimovic goals, anybody can find soccer interesting.

HOLY PATRIOTIC. Abraham Lincoln making the Gettysburg address on a hockey jersey? YUP.

UNHAPPY MOTHER. The mother of the 19 year old killed by police on the Iowa State campus Monday isn't happy with how the police handled the situation.