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The Mid-Morning Dump - 11/8/13

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SLAPFIGHT. Iowa State and TCU share one big thing this football season: The injuries. Good god, the injuries.

CAN DRIVE. The SAAC is sponsoring a can drive that will take place tomorrow during the TCU game. Details here.

COORDINATORS TALK TCU. Wally Burnham talks about stopping TCU's opposite-of-prolific offense while Courtney Messingham tries to convince us he's slightly less terrible than TCU's offensive coordinator(s).

WRASSLIN' WINS. Iowa State kicked off the season with 2 wins against Drexel and Grandview.

SAGE GOES OFF. Rosenfels went off about the Richie Incognito situation, calling Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland a jerk.

THE UNSTOPPABLE OFFENSE. Has Art Briles figured out college football's unstoppable offense?

NERDS! Steven Godfrey spent a day with Stanford fans to see just how nerdy they were.

POWER OVER SPEED. Stanford's power run game triumphed over Oregon's speed is a lesson learned from Thursday's action.

TEVIN REESE OUT. It wasn't all rainbows and sunshine for Baylor last night, as top WR Tevin Reese is out until bowl season with a broken wrist.

ON TRACK FOR FSU-BAMA. With Oregon's loss, FSU-Bama looks likely, with Baylor ready to pounce.

WORST TACKLING EVER. This HS touchdown is nice, but the horrific tackling is the real highlight.

KEVIN SUMLIN TO USC? The Texas A&M coach is reportedly the top choice to replace Lane Kiffin at USC.

NFL HAZING. Some former players talk about the crazy stuff that hazing rituals involved.