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The Mid-Morning Dump - 12/10/13

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DREAMY WEEKLY. Fred Hoiberg talks about the team in his weekly press conference.

HOGUE POTW. Dustin Hogue averaged 19.5 points and 15 rebounds this week, so he's your Big 12 Player of The Week, the third time this season a Cyclone has picked up that award.

AP ALL-BIG 12 TEAMERS. Two Cyclones were honored by the AP as E.J. Bibbs made the second team, while Jeremiah George and his Big 12 leading tackle totals made the first team.

TWO HAPPY PROGRAMS. Bill Fennelly and Fred Hoiberg are having a great time together leading successful programs and making fun of each other.

FIRST TIME SINCE 1987. Iowa State (17) and Iowa (23) will head into Friday's showdown both ranked for the first time in 26 years.

BACK TO THE GYM. Georges Niang was mired in somewhat of a sophomore slump, so he hit the gym to rediscover his game.

OLD CY WAS CREEPY AS HELL. The evolution of Cy.

END OF KAGAVI. Joshua Kagavi is discontinuing his tshirts and will be ending his Iowa State research soon.

THIS MISTER GUY LOOKS IMPRESSIVE. ISU recruit Tommy Mister put out a highlight tape, and after watching, it's clear Iowa State needs to go to a Nebraska option game with Mister and Lee-Campbell.

BEAUTIFUL BOWL SCHEDULE. SB Nation went all out on the design of the 2013-2014 bowl calendar.

WATCHABILITY INDEX. All 35 bowls, ranked in order of watchability.

THE ALPHABETICAL. Ah, the last one of these for a while.

DANGEROUS SIGNS. East Lansing police are looking for the guy who had a "Burn The Couch" sign, because they apparently think he drove back from the B1G championship to start a couch on fire..

SO THIS EXPLAINS MESS, BUT NOT. Chip Kelly keeps getting asked if he calls shitty plays on purpose to lull the defense into a false sense of security.

DEFEND YOURSELF, BOB. Bob Stoops ripped on the SEC a lot this year, and now he'll get to test his Sooners against Bama.

IT WAS A BIT COLD IN CHICAGO. Bears fans got to see their team destroy the Cowboys, but everyone also almost froze to death.

NO TAILGATING ALLOWED. If you wanted to tailgate at the Super Bowl, it's not going to happen.