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The Mid-Morning Dump - 12/11/13

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OSCAR ROBERTSON POTW. Dustin Hogue was selected as the national player of the week for his ridiculous outings against Auburn and Northern Iowa.

IN HOUSE PROMOTION? Coaching Scoop reports that all signs point to a promotion of Chris Klenakis or Todd Sturdy as the Cyclones' next offensive coordinator, and based on Rhoads' insistence on running the ball, it's hard to imagine it wouldn't be Klenakis here.

OFFENSIVE EXPLOSION. Friday's matchup features two of the country's elite offenses, which is causing Todd Lickliter and Greg McDermott's heads to explode as you read this.

JEREMIAH'S REPLACEMENT. Jordan Harris, a JUCO LB out of Mississippi, has decided to play for the Cyclones. Harris was apparently here for the KU game and doesn't mind the cold.

MORE JUCO CHRISTMAS GIFTS. DE Gabe Luna has decided on the Cyclones over Cal and Texas Tech.

ROYCE IN REVERSE? Rob Gray draws the unlikely comparison between Royce White and DeAndre Kane (cue Hawkeye fan screaming "THEY'RE BOTH THUGS!").

MORE ACCOUNTABILITY. There's a brotherly vibe on this year's basketball team, and that's led to more accountability.

BACK IN BLUE. Bryan Harsin is going back to Boise State after stints as Texas' OC and the head coaching gig at Arkansas State. This will make 4 head coaches in 4 years for ASU.

MACK BROWN IS DONE, MAYBE. The Mack saga is getting hilarious at this point as he supposedly resigned, then denied that he did and asks why he'd be recruiting in Florida if he resigned. All this probably means his resignation will be finalized tomorrow.

RESIGNATION SPEECH. Spencer Hall nails Mack Brown's farewell speech to everyone.

SABAN DRAMA GALORE. Nick Saban is going to be the next coach at Texas, if you ask a couple of respected beat reporters. Some are even reporting the contract is 10 years and 100 million. Somebody is even trolling Longhorn fans at the Austin airport. Meanwhile, he's apparently has had a contract extension on his desk in Tuscaloosa since Friday that he hasn't signed.

STUPIDEST CONTROVERSY EVER. A KC sportscaster may have called the Jayhawks the "Gayhawks" (I maintain it's impossible to tell what he said), and KU fans are up in arms about it.

PUNT FOR SAFETY. Wind blows a shitty punt back into own endzone for a safety. You can't make this up.

YOU KNOW IT'S COMING BUT YOU CAN'T STOP IT. No, we're not talking about Courtney Messingham's offense here, it's all about Alex Ovechkin and his torrid goal scoring pace. He had four last night, three on one timers on his off wing.

HOCKEY'S NOT TOO BIG IN FLORIDA. A pane of plexiglass broke and the arena crew didn't bother to take the protective cover off the replacement pane. Had seats on the glass? TOO BAD.

HAILSTORM FOR THE AGES. If you thought this weekend's NFL games were in bad weather, check out what happened in Turkey for the (abandoned) Galatasary-Juventus Champions League game.