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The Mid-Morning Dump - 12/12/13

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DAILY DEANDRE. Cyclones.TV has a feature on DeAndre Kane, the only player in the nation who is averaging over 15 points, 8 rebounds, and 5 assists a game.

THE NOSTALGIA IS KILLING ME. No, it really is, because Brent Blum reflects back to the McDermott/Lickliter days of CyHawk basketballl and it's painful.

BETTER NOSTALGIA! Travis Hines gets an oral history of the last time Iowa State and Iowa met while this highly ranked.

I GUESS WE'RE DOING THIS AGAIN. After a football season of sporadic hit tapes, I guess it's getting brought back for the women's basketball game against Iowa tonight.

SIX CYCLONES MAKE BIG 12 TEAMS. Headlined by Jeremiah George on the first team, six Cyclones in total were recognized by Big 12 coaches.

FRIENDLY RIVALS. Monte Morris and Roy Devyn Marble might be enemies on the court Friday night, but they're almost family off the court.

AND NOW HE'S TRANSFERRING. Baker Mayfield won the Big 12 freshman of the year, then announced his intention to transfer, clearing up weeks of rumors.

UCONN HAS ITS MAN. After Pat Narduzzi turned them down, UConn went ahead and hired Notre Dame DC Bob Diaco to head up their program.

NO COMMENT ON SABAN. Alabama's AD is refusing to speculate on Nick Saban's ties to Texas, saying that Saban is out recruiting. It's gotta be awkward when Mack Brown and Saban run into each other on the recruiting trail...

COACHWATCH 2K13. Patrick Vint has a rundown of all the coaching openings in college football and where they stand.

WHATEVER, LET'S HIRE THIS GUY FOR OC. A man has applied for the North Dakota head coaching job, citing Madden as his only experience.

JOHN HENSEN HITS THE NAIL ON THE HEAD. Terrific t-shirt choice, sir.

JEOPARDY HATES BONDS. Taking a not very thinly veiled shot at Barry Bonds means Trebek's mother is totally getting sexing by Barry.

IT'S COLD OUTSIDE, PEOPLE. A friendly reminder to not leave your friends to pass out on their porches in this weather..

HATERS GONNA HATE. Deadspin's hater's guide to the Williams-Sonoma catalog is the best thing you'll read today, at least until that story about Fred Hoiberg saving 50 puppies from a burning building comes out.