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The Mid-Morning Dump - 12/13/13

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ONE CYHAWK GAME DOWN. Iowa State rolled Iowa 83-70 last night, capped by Brynn Williamson's career high 21.

LATE GAME FIREWORKS. Bill Fennelly wasn't a fan of Lisa Bluder having her team press his reserves in the final minute.

HIT TAPE. Iowa State vs. Iowa gets the hit tape treatment.

DIFFERENT STROKES FOR DIFFERENT COACHES. Fran and Fred have built their teams a bit differently since they were hired in 2010, but both have brought their teams back from the depths of mediocrity.

I PLAY FOR IOWA STATE. An interesting set of videos with basketball players talking about what it means to them to be a Cyclone. So far the series features Daniel Edozie, Monte Morris, and Georges Niang.

JADDA'S UP TO ALL KINDS OF GOOD. Jadda Buckley may be a freshman, but she's responded to the bright lights just as Bill Fennelly hoped.

REASON FOR HOPE? Chris Williams details why this year's crop of JUCOs might contribute heavily in the same way Aaron Wimberly and E.J. Bibbs did last year.

THE FUTURE OF THE SEC. Bill Connelly writes about the effects of the most unlikely SEC championship matchup.

WE NEED THIS AS AN INTRAMURAL AT IOWA STATE. Auto polo looks awesome, and also, probably deadly.

UNIVERSITY IS FOR SPORTS! This Kentucky fan is clearly misguided about what colleges were created for.

HELICOPTER HOCKEY. They do things big in Canada when it comes to hockey.

SPEAKING OF HOCKEY.... They combined air hockey and beer pong. I MUST MAKE THIS.

HAWKNADO. When Sharknado already sucks, the Atlanta Hawks cheerleader spoof is bound to be even worse.

GREATEST MISSED CONNECTION EVER? Accusing women of farting near the produce is a good conversation starter.