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CyHawk Trivia Contest: Double Kagavi Shirt Giveaway!

We're partnering with our favorite ISU storyteller to give away some free stuff.

Matthew Holst

As part of the most anticipated ISU - Iowa showdown in years, WRNL and Kagavi got together to offer a special brainteaser which will net the winner a free Kagavi ISU shirt pending availability. As we linked to earlier this week, Kagavi announced an end to their ISU collection to focus on other projects. Right now, all of their limited edition Cyclone gear is on clearance and many sizes have sold out already. Throughout the past year, Kagavi shared much of their Jack Trice research--including his jersey number discovery, a rare game photo, and his gold jersey, and they will continue to hunt down other Jack Trice leads. Future projects will still center around Kagavi's storytelling spirit. Follow Joshua on Twitter to keep up to date on his ISU stories through the end of the year.

Joshua Kagavi created this puzzle themed around Cyclone basketball history for WRNL:

First, knowledge of the ISU - Iowa series should help in filling in the final number of this sequence: 40, 40, 41, 41, 43, 47, ___? Editor's note: There was an error in the question. The correct answer for this part is 54.

Second, name the Cyclone player who turned down a spot on the Olympics basketball team: ____?

Third, to solve this encrypted phrase below, you must use the answer of the first question to decipher a new encrypted phrase. Then use the answer of the second question to decipher that new encrypted phrase to reveal a plea for tonight's big game against the Hawkeyes:


* * *

That's not all. Esteemed stat man (and our favorite cardinal and gold nerd) Kirk Haaland has created a another fun trivia question based on Cyclone and Hawkeye history. Kagavi has agreed to award another free shirt to the first correct answer of Kirk's question.

Tonight's game will feature two of the most proficient scoring offenses in the NCAA this year as Iowa State averages 91.7 points per game and Iowa averages 89.5. But did you know in the Iowa State vs Iowa series the top eight highest scoring games in terms of combined points happened in Ames? Now you just have to tell me the total points for Iowa State, the total points for Iowa, and the number of those games won by Iowa State.

For both the questions, the first correct answer in the comments below will win the shirts from Mr. Kagavi.