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#23 Iowa @ #17 Iowa State - Gamethread

This is gonna be fun.

Matthew Holst

Not all rivalries are created equal. For example, we have our hilljack rivals in the far east, with whom we drink 'shine and share a makeshift gas can trophy. We have our Farmageddon rivals, who never fail to show us great hospitality as the dark wizard cuts another 49-7 victory out of our team's hide. And then there's the sort of rival who you absolutely loathe; the ones for whom only a complete and utter soul-crushing destruction of their hopes and dreams is sufficient penalty. Because you're stuck with them and their incessant shit-talking on a daily basis.

Hello, Hawkeyes.

Not every game in this matchup has been equally important, either. Both teams are coming out of a recent period of wandering the desert of mediocrity for 40 years. And while we may have beaten Iowa back to the tournament, this is the best Iowa squad in a decade. Hilton Magic has a chance to deal a body blow to their impressive comeback, but they have an equal chance of knocking one of the best Cyclone teams ever off of their upward trajectory. It's a quality win for the selection committee and a chance for shit-talking.

Lets do this.