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The Mid-Morning Dump - 12/16/13

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ANOTHER COMEBACK. Fred Hoiberg's team was trailing for almost the entire game, but all that matters is the final score.

CLOSE TO THE EDGE. Iowa State is on a roll with the comebacks right now but Randy Peterson warns that it's a dangerous trend.

TO FOUL OR NOT TO FOUL. Yet another foul debate happened Friday, but this time the team was told to foul, they just didn't do it right.

CATCHING UP WITH GEORGES. Chris Williams gets a post-game interview with Friday's hero.

HATE ON. Niang also delivered the "it's a Cyclone State" line at the post game press conference, which was met by Fred Hoiberg's approval.

CYCLONE TEAM AWARDS. Awards were voted on among the team and Jeremiah George was voted team MVP. Outstanding newcomer went to E.J. Bibbs.

DOWN GOES NDSU. The Cyclone wrestlers dominated the Bison of North Dakota State 22-13.

MACK BROWN RESIGNS. After a crazy year on and off the field, and wild rumors about his departure, and then a claim he was staying, Mack Brown ended up resigning on Saturday.

NEW POSSIBILITIES? Here's 11 candidates for the Longhorn opening. I'd personally be terrified of Briles or Malzahn. I don't think Harbaugh is a realistic option, but then again, maybe he is.

FAMOUS JAMEIS. Jameis Winston won the Heisman on Saturday night. It was not the biggest margin of victory ever, but such a big gap while being left off so many ballot is impressive.

THIS SEEMS INTERESTING... Spurred on by ESPN's 30 for 30: Youngstown Boys, DJK is pretty clear that there was some shady stuff happening at Iowa. Be sure to check out his full timeline.

BEYOND DUMB. It seems stupid to challenge a giant NHL power forward to a fight outside of a bar, but that's just me.