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The Mid-Morning Dump - 12/18/13

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MALCHOW TROLLING. Pretty sure this article by Steve Malchow about how Iowa State has adjusted to the new rules in college basketball faster than its peers is indirectly trolling Hawkeye fans complaining about the officiating.

FOUL OR DEFEND. Travis Hines looks at how late game up three situations continue to follow the Cyclones.

HAWAII BOUND. News and note about the Cyclones' trip to the Diamondhead Classic.

ALOHA INTERVIEWS. Dustin Hogue, Melvin Ejim, Georges Niang, and Fred Hoiberg talk to CFTV about Hawaii.

SO... SAGE/SENECA? Randy Peterson is basically advocating ISU to hire an ex-NFL QB to direct the quarterbacks.

JUST JADDA. Cyclones.TV has a full length feature on freshman sensation Jadda Buckley.

LARRY'S AGED A BIT. The Godfather, in all his glory. then and now.

DJK CONTINUING TO GO OFF. The tweets just keep coming about how much he hated Kirk Ferentz from Derrell Johnson-Koulianos. His accusations do seem incredibly outlandish, but it's interesting how quickly the relationship between Hawkeye fans and the school's all-time receiving leader fell apart.

DENIAL TRACKER. How have various Texas coaching candidates denied links to the job? Let's find out!

CORN ON THE COB WINS. The clear winner over corn dogs and pork chops as Iowa's official state food.

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. This dad yells at and makes his small child run next to his car to train for football.

JUST A WEE BIT OF ENGLISH. Here's a soccer shot that changes directions in spectacular fashion.

#CUSETIXFORKIDS. Pretty cool thing our Syracuse comrades are doing for Houston kids.

CHILD FANS ARE THE BEST. A Bengals fan wrote a letter of support to injured punter Kevin Huber.

DON'T BE KISSING FOR MORE THAN 5 MINUTES. The weirdest sex laws in every state.