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The Mid-Morning Dump - 12/2/13

I have returned from Morgantown in one piece.

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NEXT OC CHOICE? Chris Williams speculates on the possibilities for Iowa State's next offensive coordinator.

MIRACLE IN MORGANTOWN. Bobby La Gesse writes about the crazy end to the Cyclone football season.

PLAN FOR 2014. Randy Peterson reviews both the highs and lows of the 2013 season and looks forward to 2014.

HELMET STICKER FOR ROHACH. Big 12 blog gives Grant his props for a great showing against the Mountaineers.

EIGHTH! Iowa State is now checking in at #8 in Big 12 power rankings after beating WVU and KU to cap off the season.

BACK TO THE TOURNEY. Iowa State volleyball makes it eight straight years in the tournament, being selected to face Colorado in Minneapolis to start.

WRESTLING DESTROYED. Iowa State's interstate matchup with Iowa was no contest as the Hawkeyes rolled 23-9.

BASKETBALL RANKINGS. NBC's College Basketball Talk has Iowa State at #20, while CBS's Top 25 (plus one) has them at 15.

AUBURN/BAMA RADIO CALLS. The Alabama announcers take it in stride, while Auburn's play by play guys are understandably hysterical.

A BLESSED SEASON. Spencer Hall recounts how incredible Auburn's finishes this season have been.

ROLL ASSHOLES. Alabama kicker Cade Foster was harassed on Twitter by angry Crimson Tide fans in some pretty horrible ways. Let's never be like this, OK?

USC CANDIDATES EMERGE. James Franklin and Chris Peterson will be the front runners for Ed Orgeron's job.

TACKLED BY THE DICK. Vernon Davis was tackled in a very unpleasant manner yesterday.

WAY TO GO, NFL REFS. The botched call and ensuing drama that gave, then took away a Redskins first down made all the ridiculous conferences during ISU-WVU look tame.

AND JUST BECAUSE IT'S DECEMBER. Here's an honest trailer for everyone's Christmas classic: Home Alone.